Many times, these attempts are made through email, unexpected phone calls, text messages and even letters where they try to impersonate your bank, a local organization or even the government. The sender will make it sound urgent and want you to take immediate action.

Here is a list of warning signs when the interaction may not be legitimate:

  • They call you and ask for personal information
  • The person says it’s urgent
  • They instruct you how to pay
  • They threaten legal consequences
  • They ask for account information
  • They ask for access to your device 

Before you take any action, stop for a moment to think through your response. Don’t fall for the urgency. If something sound fishy, it probably is. Never give out any personal or financial information. 

If you receive a call on the phone that you were not expecting, tell them that you can’t talk right now and hang up. Then look up Charter Bank’s phone number on a reputable source and call us. We can tell you if anything looks amiss on your accounts and take any necessary steps to ensure your accounts are safe.

Remember to use the tools you have available through Charter Bank:

  • Monitor your accounts though Digital Banking. Keep an eye on balances and transactions.
  • Set up alerts through Digital Banking so you know immediately when money is deposited or withdrawn from your account. 
  • If necessary, turn your debit card off. This can be done through Digital Banking.