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New Cash Management Available on September 30 -

Please Review.

We are excited to announce a new Cash Management system called Business Hub. Business Hub will make it easier to manage all aspects of your business’s financials with even more robust functionality.

Helpful Tips for Business Hub Migration

  1. Review Statements - Determine if you need to print off prior statements
  2. Explore the New System - This simple Power Point will walk you through the new system.
  3. Review FAQs – We’ve tried to anticipate any questions you might have along the way. FAQs include information on ACH, wires, history coming from the previous system, and so much more. 
  4. Review User Guide – This is your “Go-To” guide if you have any questions about what each individual screen allows you to do.
  5. Discover the new login button locationTo help streamline the login process, we’ve moved the login button to the main menu.

 Action Items <AFTER> September 30

  1. Register Your Secure Tokens - Learn how to register your secure token, which is needed when either logging into the system or completing certain transactions. - Download Symantec now for your desktop
  2. Set up your Dashboard


  1. Create an International Wire
  2. How to View Statements on Business Hub