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Have you ever heard of check washing?  There has been an uptick of this illegal behavior across the country, including our local areas.  Check washing is the process of erasing details from checks to allow them to be rewritten, usually for criminal purposes such as fraudulent withdrawal from the victim's bank account. Stealing the checks is usually accomplished by taking mail waiting to be picked up from a mailbox.

The good news is that there are things you can do to ensure your payments are received securely!

  1. Use Bill Pay through online or mobile banking
  2. Set up electronic payments directly with the vendor
  3. Dropping off your payment, if writing a check, directly to the company

We also want to remind you that Charter Bank, and any legitimate company, will never call you and ask for your personal information such as your social security number, account number or PIN.  If you are ever called by someone asking for this type of information, hang up immediately.  You can verify that your accounts are secure by calling the company directly.

If you need assistance with setting up Bill Pay, or have questions about security, we’re here to help!  Contact us at 1-800-471-4510.