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Have a question about the new online banking experience?

Below are a list of frequently asked questions when it comes to the new online banking platform. If you still have questions after looking through the page, please feel free to give us a call at 715-832-4254 or email

A: Click “Try Another Way” on the verification screen and select to receive a code via phone call (land line works fine)

Online banking screenshot: verify code

A: Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari are supported.  You will see the following note if you try to log in using Internet Explorer. Below are three download links that will allow you to download a new browser:


An Edge download link is listed on the page for your convenience.

Online banking screenshot: updating browser

A: Check your pop up blocker.  Browsers will notify you that a popup has been blocked.  Pop ups must be allowed.  Check “always allow” then retry your login.

Online banking screenshot: allow pop ups

A:  You login once to use both the old and the new platforms.  Here’s what you can expect:

  • After you log in, you will be brought to the new online banking experience. 
  • If you wish to go back to the prior version of online banking, you can do so by clicking on your name in the upper right corner and click "Switch back to old version". Once in the prior version, you can return to the new version by clicking "Try new version". 

A: Business customers can use the new online banking to access accounts, view history, process transfers, pay bills, etc.  At this time, you will not have cash management features. This will be coming in the future.

A: Click on the user (the grey person icon) in the upper right hand corner, select “Settings” and then “Edit” or “Add” next to the piece of information to be updated:

Online banking screenshot: editing information

A: Click on the user in the upper right-hand corner, select “Settings” and then “Security” on the left hand toolbar under User Management.  At the top is the option for editing a username:

Online banking screenshot: edit username

A: Statements can be found in the “Documents” link on the individual account page. You will have access to the last 18 months:

Online banking screenshot: find statements

A: From the dashboard, click on the applicable account to access these tools:

Online banking screenshot: getting account information

A: Click in the upper right hand corner, click on Settings, then in the left hand toolbar select the account on which you want the change the name.  Once the account is selected, click “Rename” next to the name:

Online banking screenshot: renaming account

A: This process is very similar to the primary’s enrollment, and you will be allowed to login, but your accounts may not show up. At this time, you will need to be added manually by a Charter Bank employee.

A: On the dashboard, click on the account that you’d like to receive eStatements for and then click “Documents” on the top right of the screen.  Once the document screen pops up, enrollment is the first tab. 

Online banking screenshot: enrolling in estatments


You can then read through the text, scroll to the bottom of #5 and then the checkbox will be enabled:

Online banking screenshot: agreeing to listed terms

A: Click on the account on which the stop payment needs to be processed.  On the left hand side of the screen,  stop payments is listed with other account specific tools:
Charter Bank - Stop Payments menu icon
A: There is a section called Messages. Simply click on the conversation button in the upper right-hand corner, or click on Start a Conversations from the Messages screen. Charter Bank Customer Service will respond within 4 business hours.
 Charter Bank - Messages menu iconCharter Bank - Start a Conversation menu item