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Use Online Banking to transfer money into your bank account.

With Charter Bank’s Bank-to-Bank transfer service, you can easily transfer money to and from other domestic financial institutions through your Online Banking Account.

Once you sign up for the service, any personal account can be used to make transfers from other domestic financial institutions to Charter Bank without even needing to go through the set up process with the other bank.

Use the tab in your Online Banking account or visit with one of our New Accounts Representatives.
You bet, transfers can work both ways. It's easy to transfer from another financial institution to Charter Bank. If you want to transfer from Charter Bank to another financial institution, you just need to be sure they also offer this type of service.
Each Online Banking ID is allowed three incoming transfers per day that don't collectively exceed a total of $5,000. You're also allowed three outgoing transfers per day that don't collectively exceed a total of $7,500.
Funds requested for transfers will reflect on the same business day that you initiate the transfer and will follow our regular cut-off time guidelines. If you schedule a transfer for a future date or a recurring transfer, it will occur on the business day following the scheduled date of the transfers. As a reminder, our cut-off time for initiated transfers is 2:30pm.
You'll need the other financial institution's routing number to get everything set up so be sure to grab that before starting the process. After you enter the information, an automatic deposit will be made in the account for the other financial institution for verification purposes. Once you confirm that amount, log into Online Banking and enter the amount into the Verification Box on the Bank To Bank tab. This step ensures that the correct information was used in the setup and will finalize the set up process.