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Chip technology for an additional layer of security.

With chip (EMV) technology, debit card transactions are widely accepted and more difficult for fraudsters to duplicate. 

  • No checkbook to carry
  • Use anywhere you see the MasterCard logo
  • No waiting on check approvals
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Additional level of security with our chip encryption
  • ATM or Debit Cards available, depending on what you need
EMV brings increased security and global interoperability to card and mobile payments, even with card-not-present payments. The chip is capable of much more sophisticated authentication than magnetic-stripe cards. Essentially, there is a fully operating computer system embedded in every EMV card, making the card nearly impossible to clone.
All EMV cards have the chip and the magnetic strip on the back. Therefore, if a merchant is unable to accept EMV payments, you can still use your card to make the purchase by swiping the magnetic strip.
Be sure to alert our Deposit Operations Department of the dates and locations you will be visiting to ensure you can use your card at locations you can input your PIN when making purchases. You can call them at 715-831-2192.