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Easy, Green, Quick

Electronic statements are easy to get, environmentally responsible, received quicker than paper statements, and available at no extra charge to you. When the statement is ready, you will get an email when your statements are ready to securely retrieve them and review or save as you wish.
Statements are available for checking and savings accounts, CD notices, and loans.
It's easy to sign up for them through your Online Banking account. Simply choose the eStatements tab from the top blue menu and click on the accounts you want to switch from paper to electronic. Be sure to update your email address to be sure they get sent to the right place.
No worries, even without Online Banking you can still receive electronic statements since all we need is an email address to send them to. Simply give us a call or stop in and we can get you all taken care of.
eStatements will be delivered to your e-mail inbox on the same day paper statements are mailed out. So generally speaking you will receive your eStatement prior to the time you normally received your paper one. So for checking accounts, that would be shortly after the first of the month, just enough time for us to process the final transactions for the prior month and get everything sent out to you.
Nope, once you sign up for eStatements you will no longer receive the paper version. Our way of going green and saving a little time on both ends.